5 Elements - Yin & Yang

Saturday, 5th October
16h -18h

AT Little Yoga space Lisboa


A Journey trough the 5 Elements
Yin & Yang Yoga workshop

Balance the 5 Elements within yourself according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM):
Water (Winter) - Wood (Spring) - Fire (Summer) - Earth (Late Summer) and Metal (Autumn). 

All  12 Meridians (energy lines) are connected to the seasons of the year and the 5 elements. Learn about the Meridians and acupressure points that effect the movement of "chi" (energy) flow. Through Massage, compression, stretching and myofascial release techniques you can effectively energise, detoxify or slow down the flow of chi to find physical, emotional and mental balance.

Yin & Yang Yoga originates from Taoist Yoga and is a combination of long held floor positions to stretch the joints and connective tissue (fascia) and dynamic movement to build strength and focus. We will focus on movement with a mix of Yang practises coming from Qui Gong, Tai Chi and Yoga and then relax into Yin Positions close to the ground that we hold for a minimum of 2-5 minutes.

The workshop takes you from movement into stillness to observe the effect on body and mind. The workshop will incorporate the theory and philosophy of Yin & Yang and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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Price: 20EUR

The price has to be fully paid before the lesson. You can either pay in cash at Little Yoga space Lisboa (Yoga with Johanna) or pay via bank transfer. Payment instructions will be sent to you after signing up.


In case you are not able to join, your payment can not be refunded. Please contact me for more information.