Yoga classes & Styles

Hatha flow

Mondays, 18.30h - 19.45h
TUESDAYS, 11.30h - 12.30h

Move through a nice and nourishing flow that will leave you feeling more energetic and focused but also calm and relaxed. Classes vary focus from our energy system to body awareness. Open Level class, suitable for beginners.

Hatha Yoga

WEDNESDAYS, 9h - 10.15h

Take time for yourself to bring your focus inward and listen to what your body, your mind and your soul need.  Every week we work on a different topic, involving Fascia release and pranayama breathing techniques. Requests are always welcome. Open Level class.

Yin Yoga

THURSDAYS, 19.45 - 21.00H

Yin Yoga is a is a slow and gentle form of Yoga where Positions are held between 2-7minutes for a deep release. By relaxing into those positions you increase flexibility and create a bridge to meditation. Yin Yoga also helps you to naturally restore your energy levels. These classes are suited for anyone, looking for a good balance to a busy, active life style and getting further into a meditation practise. No previous experience required.

Yin & Yang Yoga

FRIDAYS, 17.30 - 18.30H

Originating from Taoist Yoga Yin & Yang involves flowing dynamic movement to strengthen the upper body and increase your focus (Yang) and passive relaxed positions on the floor to increase flexibility and calm the mind (Yin). The goal is to find the balance between Yin & Yang. In this class we will use forms of Hatha Yoga, Qui Gong and Tai Chi and finish with long held positions on the floor to relax into them and increase flexibility in the joints and connective tissue.


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Yoga classes and styles

All classes are held in English and suited for beginners and advanced practitioners of Yoga, please find out more about classes and styles here.

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