Yoga is a great way of destress, meditation and to stimulate our own balance. Johanna is a very positive person with a good energy and a calm voice that makes you relax and breathe properly. She developed her yoga teaching carefully and she applies the techniques perfectly. She is aware and always present and takes care of each person in the room. I sometimes leave the class, feeling peaceful and in harmony and on other days feeling vital and energetic... awesome.
— Marilia, Lisbon

I have been going to Johanna’s yoga classes for over two years now. She is great at instruction and keeps her classes open to all level and abilities. I love the pacing of the classes and beautiful build from breathing into flow and back down to a relaxing shavasana. I can’t recommend the classes highly enough.
— Tom, London

In Johannas classes you go through a series of accessible poses with modifications to your own level of practise. Johannas classes are also a good workout compliment without being strenuous for those who perform other physical activities during the day.
— Majid, Switzerland

I had my first yoga class with Johanna one evening in October under the trees in a park in Lisbon. The class was super dynamic, relaxing and energetic at the same time. Twilight came and went and by the time the class was finished it was dark - and I was in heaven!
I loved it, and ever since that I have come to Johanna’s classes regularly - and will continue to do that.
— Elisabeth, Oslo