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SATURDAY 23rd february, 12h-13.30h

Laughter is the best medicine. Boost your immune system, let go of tension and free yourself from negative thoughts by doing Laughter Yoga. Learn to integrate easy laughter exercises into your daily life to feel more light-hearted and joyful.

A Laughter session typically involves Laughter exercises, breathing techniques, playful movement and finishes with a deep relaxation.

Location: Little Yoga space Lisboa - Baixa

Yin Yang Yoga 5 ELEMENTS.jpg

Yin & YAng - A Journey through the 5 Elements
Saturday 30th march, 12.30h - 14.30h

Balance the 5 Elements within yourself according to Traditional Chinese Medicine with Yin & Yang Yoga.

Yin & Yang Yoga originates from Taoist Yoga and is a combination of held floor positions to stretch the joints and connective tissue (fascia) and dynamic movement to build strength and focus.

Through Massage, compression, stretching and myofascial release techniques you can effectively energise, detoxify or slow down the flow of chi to find physical, emotional and mental balance.

Location: Little Yoga space Lisboa - Baixa

YOGA & SURF Around lisbon
coming back in march / april 2019

Join for a fun and relaxing day at the beach with Yoga & Surf.
Together with Hooked Surf School Portugal we organise combined Yoga & Surf lessons at one of Lisbon's beautiful beaches. Suitable for beginners and experienced surfers & yogis. All welcome.

Location: Praia de Carcavelos or Praia do Guincho, depending on conditions.

 February offer

Thai massage Valentines special

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing system that evolved from Ayurveda and Bhuddism. It is a wonderful experience for both - giver and receiver to restore and balance energy blockages in body and mind.




Find out more about Yogana Lisboa in this little film by vida macro and hopp with me from Location to Location around Lisbon to see my work places and what I offer. I am looking forward to see you, soon!


Weekly Yoga lessons

Come and join for one of my Yoga lessons at Little Yoga space in Baixa-Chiado. I hold classes there almost every day, check out the schedule and find out more about my Yoga classes and styles.

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Hatha YOGA & flow

Find a nice and nourishing flow through movement and breath that will leave you feeling more energetic and focused for the rest of your day! Classes vary focus from our energy system to body awareness. Take time for yourself, bring your focus inward and listen to what your body, your mind and your soul need.  Every week we work on a different topic. Requests are welcome.

Open Level class, suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners of Yoga.

Mondays @ 6.30PM• 75 MINUTES
Tuesdays @ 11.30AM• 60 MINUTES

Yin Yoga Yogana.jpg

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga creates a bridge to meditation and is naturally restoring our energy levels. Positions are being held from 2-7minutes for a deep release. These classes are suited for anyone, looking for a good balance to a busy, active life style and getting further into a meditation practise. No previous experience required. Open Level class, suitable for beginners.

thursdays @ 7.45pm• 75 MINUTES

YinYang Yoga Yogana Lisboa.jpg

Yin & YANG Yoga - NEW CLASS!

Originating from Taoist Yoga Yin & Yang involves flowing dynamic movement to strengthen and focus (Yang) and held positions on the floor to increase flexibility and calm the mind (Yin). The goal is to find the balance between Yin & Yang. In this class we will use forms of Hatha Yoga, Qui Gong and Tai Chi and finish with long held positions on the floor to relax into them and increase flexibility in the joints and connective tissue. Open Level class, suitable for beginners.

FRidays @ 5.30pm• 60 MINUTES


Private Yoga lessons 

Tailored classes for single students and groups to gain a profound understanding of Yoga and your personal practise. Through constant feedback we will approach together the best way for your progress and will help you connect to Yoga on a deeper level.


until March 2019


Yoga Outdoors

Enjoy a Yoga lesson in Lisbon's beautiful Parque Eduardo VII or over the Rooftops of Lisbon with a beautiful view. 
Please bring your own mat. Classes suited for all levels. 


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