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An Asana (Yoga posture) is only stable when the mind is calm, the breath constant and the focus steady.


Hatha Yoga (flow)

Hatha Yoga is an alignment orientated yoga practice and involves positions being held for up to 5 breaths and longer. This Yoga practise helps to strengthen the core for good posture and release any physical pain and activate the self-healing mechanism of our body. With our breath we find peace of mind and deepen our control throughout the practice.

I teach Hatha Yoga with flowing elements that can vary from gentle and meditative, to more dynamic - depending of the time of the day and your energy levels. Classes are suitable for all levels and anyone looking for a good variety in their practice. 

Following a gentle warm up we begin to lengthen the body and focus on releasing tension. With the flow of our breath, we create good energy that helps us to stay focused and go deeper into the yoga postures. I involve my knowledge about Chinese medicine and Ayurveda into my classes.


Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga creates a bridge to meditation and naturally restores our energy levels, relieves body soreness and tension. Yin Yoga is suited for anyone, looking for a good balance to a busy, active life style and who is looking for a moving meditation practise.

The focus of Yin Yoga is on releasing connective tissues in our body. Through the application of gentle pressure and compression on certain target areas, the practise helps to produce hyaluronic acid to cushion our joints. Regular practice also prevents natural shortening of ligaments and degeneration of bones. 

Positions are held from 2 up to 7 minutes and longer and we use props like bolsters and blocks to support ourselves. In the first minute we try to find stillness in the pose which helps us to further relax and settle into the shape.

We stay passive to allow our body and mind to rest and release physical and emotional tension. After each position we move slowly into an easy relaxation pose to feel the effects, before we come into the next shape.


Yin & Yang Yoga (no classes in August / September)

Yin & Yang Yoga originates from Taoist Yoga and is a practise that evolved as a body and mind preparation for martial arts like Kung Fu. It is a combination of long held floor positions to stretch the joints and connective tissue and dynamic movement to build muscle strength and focus.

Yin represents stillness, cold and darkness whilst Yang is hot, light and movement.
In every aspect of life Yin & Yang work together. One cannot exist without the other.

You will explore positions and movements from Hatha Yoga, Qui Gong, Tai Chi and Yin Yoga. The practice takes you through dynamic movement into stillness to observe the effect on body and mind. The class will incorporate the theory and philosophy of Yin & Yang, Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Chakras.


Private Yoga classes

I offer private Yoga classes that are tailored for your needs and to enable you to have a better understanding of Yoga to deepen your own practise.